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Imagine IT creates affordable websites for small businesses, mainly in the Somerset and Bristol areas. The design and functionality of a web site is important in making that 'first impression' to a potential customer. Imagine IT specialises in creating visually pleasing web sites that are easy for visitors to navigate and understand.

Click here to read "How to Choose a Web Designer" - an article reproduced from SiteProNews.
You can decide for yourself whether Imagine IT ticks all the boxes.

Don't know where to start?
We offer a design and host service that can cater for any business no matter how small.

Getting your business on the web - frequently asked questions
  • A site designed at a sensible price to inform potential customers about your goods and services
  • Economic solutions for your business
  • Web presence with confidence
  • Effective and affordable
  • Expert advice from over 15 years of experience
  • Friendly, prompt service (plain English spoken)
  • I won't overwhelm you with jargon that you don't understand
  • I won't oversell you products that you don't need
  • A comprehensive service (I'll organise everything if required)
  • Hand-holding for those who need it
  • Coding compatible with leading browsers
  • Updates at an economical rate
  • Digital photography service
  • Design includes the keyword information needed by search engines
  • Basic registration with search engines to increase traffic to your site can be arranged.
  • I also offer competitively priced domain registration and hosting

Q. How do I get a name (domain name) for my website?
A. First you have to think up a domain name for your website. Try to keep it short and relevant to your business and bear in mind that you cannot have a name that is already in use. I am happy to search for a domain name for you and would rather register it for you with our reputable suppliers than have you suffer from registering with 'cowboys'!
Q. I've found an available domain name what now?
A. The name will need to be registered, contact me and I can arrange that for you
Q. How do I get my site on the internet
A. First the site needs to be designed and then a host has to be organised and that's about it.
Q. This still sounds like a lot of descisions need to be made, what can you do to help?
A. I offer a one stop service for those who require it. I can organise and provide everything you would be likely to need. I can help and advise you with every aspect of the process of getting your business on the web. Photograpy, textual content, search engines, email, hosting, domain name and everything else. All you have to worry about is how you would like to see your business presented on the internet and I can do the rest.

The development of a successful website is not just dependent on the skill of the designer - it also depends on you.

You know your business better than anyone else and it is the information that you provide which will determine the content and success of your website. The more information you can give me about the aims and aspirations of your site the better.

Naturally, advice will be given about how the site should be structured for the internet – how the navigation should work etc., but you provide the raw material.

Prices for design work will depend on the time required to create your site, let me have an outline of your site and I will give you a quotation – probably less than you think if you read the technology press pages!

Mouse over images to see more information or go to Portfolio Page for fuller listing

 Web site Optimisation

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Web site optimisation falls into three main areas:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Security compatibility
  • Search engine optimisation

Browser compatibility: Web browsers are the pieces of software used to view web sites on computers. The most common browser in the world is Microsoft's Internet Explorer but there are a number of others such as Chrome, Opera and FireFox.

Not all browsers support all the technologies that can be used in the creation of web sites. In order to make web sites work correctly for users of all the common browsers it is important to choose the technologies used with great care. I will always aim to deliver a web site that both meets the client's requirements and remains fully functional with all common browsers.

Security: During the last couple of years security has become a major issue with the internet. Microsoft and others have put in place a large number of safeguards to protect the computer users from attacks from computer hackers, viruses and spam. The downside to this is that some technologies that are used by web designers for perfectly legitimate reasons are now able to be switched off or affected by the computer user as they can be exploited for malicious purposes by computer hackers. Amongst these technologies are Javascript and Flash animations. This is a great pity as Flash for example can add very rich audio-visual content to a web site. To address this issue I have adopted a policy which is that I will use these technologies if there is a good reason to do so. I will however always try to provide an in-built back up within the design so that whatever a user does, your web site will remain fully functional in all important aspects. Here's are an example of what this means:

Q. What could happen if your web site used Javascript buttons for navigation between pages (quite a common situation)?
A. If the computer user turns off Javascript they will not be able to access any part of your web site except the Home page (not much use but many DIY site builder packages use this method).

Search Engine Optimisation: This is a complex issue but to avoid wasting your money please read the following:

  1. Anybody who contacts you guaranteeing you first page positioning on Google for a few hundred pounds is not telling the truth. Nobody but Google can make those sort of promises so if you want that sort of guarantee contact Google direct (be warned the cost of this can be very high). The only exception to this might be if your product or service was virtually unique and you weren't competing for business with thousands of others. In this situation, with a carefully written web site, you should get good search engine positioning without paying anything.
  2. Getting good search engine positioning takes time, luck and careful web site design. It can take months or years to reach your optimum position in the free rankings.
  3. Try to establish links from as many other reputable web sites as possible (known as inward links or backlinks). Google in particular can rate the importance of a web site by how many inward links it has.
  4. Having a news page can really help you to make friends with search engines (they love sites that have regular new content)
  5. Never try to fool search engines - they are very clever at spotting any attempts to do so. Your ranking can be badly affected and it is even possible to be banned for good from Google if you commit what they consider to be a serious offence. An example of this is people who set up a site that purports to sell one thing when actually they are really trying to sell something totally different.

These are just a few tips but there is quite a lot more to it than that. I will always be happy to discuss in detail the various ways of tackling this issue and always do my utmost to get you good results with Search Engines by incorporating the most up to date, legitimate practices in the design of your web site.

Web Hosting

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Features available
Fast Windows Server
Integrated email accounts
MS Access databases
Spam protection
Webstats package
Secure data centre
High server up-time
Please Note: If you are taking advantage of our full design and host service we will include in the price all the features needed to satisfy your requirements.
 Hosting Plan Standard Super
 Operating System Microsoft Server
 Cost £190 pa
(average size site)
(less if site very small)
(large site)
 Domains 1* 1*
 Web Statistics FREE! FREE!
 POP3 Email Accounts 5 10
 Web Mail included included
 MS Access databases YES(1) YES(1*)
 Technical Support EMAIL ONLY FULL
*additional items available, may incur extra charges

Designing your own site? We can help with the graphics and effects. 

  • Your images need to be especially prepared for display on the Internet.
  • They need the correct scaling, resolution, colour balance and compression to download successfully and with as little delay as possible.  
  • Digital photography service 
  • Special effects can be created for you. 
  • Just contact us for an estimate
Clients include:

Family Tree Quest
Site offering family tree research. A new project by the owner of Imagine IT which offers package prices for tracing your ancestors and a digital photo restoration service.
MG Repairs
A website for a classic car repair garage. Includes sales, services and a brief history of the MG.
Margaret Sinclair Hypnotheraphy
Site explaining the benefits of hypnotherapy including treatments offered, what to expect and contact details with Google map. Header includes a flash animation.
Bristol Area MG Owners Club
Information site for classic car club.
Beachlands Hotel
A recently redesigned site giving details about the hotel. Pages of information regarding location, facilities and tariff. This site is designed to be updated directly by the owner via a bespoke control panel.
Scratch and Scrape
Microsite for smart car repair company. Contact details and basics of service available.
British Classic Motorbikes
Site for garage dealing with restoration and rebuilds of classic British motorbikes. Client needed to display lots of photographs of his work so Flash photo galleries have been used.
Prospect Farm Holidays
Site to advertise Prospect Farm Holiday Cottages in Somerset. Details of cottage holidays available via downloadable PDF files.
The Leather Travel Bag Co
A site selling high quality leather travel bags. Shopping basket designed by Knightstone Design.

Testimonial from Leather Travel Bag Company:
Imagine IT was probably the best business contact my company made since we decided to start marketing / selling on the net.
With their guidance and business skills, our company has achieved all targets and much more...including page one position on Google...we're now launching our second mail order business with their invaluable help.
Joss Ollett.
Chairman, Leather Briefcase Company


Commercial & Residential Property Services
A brochure site for C & R which is a company that specialises solely in Rental Property Insurance
Moor Park - Weston Business Park
Moor Park, Weston super Mare. A brochure site advertising a business park with links to existing clients on pop-up mini-pages.
DHA Pollution Control
A brochure site for a company that provides environmental and waste water engineering services to industry, government agencies and the private sector.
William Torbitt School Reunion
Personal site for ex-pupils of William Torbitt School in Ilford, Essex. Site includes database integration to show pupils in approx 300 school photos plus a message and memories board accessible to site visitors.
Claverham Village
A community site for Claverham in Somerset

Domain names for sale - offers considered!

NB: Imagine IT is NOT a cyber-squatter. The following domain names have been legitimately registered but are no longer required.

tenniswear.co.uk - email offers to: headoffice@dha-pollution.co.uk

PaulineMadeThis - original and handmadePAULINEMADETHIS
Most of the bags in the shop are individual, one-off creations and many of them are made using upcycled fabrics in order to keep a happy environment. They are all hand signed.
A percentage of all sales will be donated to charity. The charity for this year is the Bristol Children's Help Society (Registered charity number 1092921).
So please click HERE to take a look at my shop where purchases can be made via the secure PayPal system. Alternatively, give me a ring on 01934 833648 to visit me and view the selection.

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Click for MG Repairs
For work on your classic car
Click for Classic Car Insurance
Insure your classic car
Link to Keysafe Self Storage in Somerset
For Self Storage in Somerset
Commercial and Residential Insurance Link
Insurance for Landlords, Let Property and Expats
Click for The Leather Briefcase Company
For top quality leather travel bags and luggage
Click here for Langford Productions
Langford Productions for top class entertainment!
This site has information on affordable web design for small business in the area covering Bristol to Weston super Mare, North Somerset and Somerset in general. It includes spam and technology news. Other pages cover design and print services, restoration and retouching of old photos which can be useful for family history researchers.

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